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“I received this very quickly in the mail. It was a lifesaver since I babysit my Grandchildren and have school online. Sometimes they have written assignments which they use pencils for or colored pencils.I had no sharpers nor could I get any during this Quarantine. But Amazon delivered it the next day!!! The sharpener works great for pencils. Just have to make sure you don’t overdo it or the lead breaks. The colored pencils you need to be very careful as it is a softer pencil doesn’t take much to sharpen it. For the money this pencil sharpener is great. I would buy it again.”


“Take it from this former elementary teacher and writer I’ve never had a sharpener that sharpened so quickly, cleanly and with such a fine point as this sharpener. And being enthusiastic about a sharpener is saying something. 32 years of getting pencils ready for 25-28 students, starting the year with two pencils a piece, you know the task can be time consuming not to mention quite a work out, knuckle busting and frustrating when poorer sharpeners constantly break off points, or sharpen wood alone, and these are on those great Dixon Ticonderoga #2s! No, this sharpener is a winner!”


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